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[Not a parody] Shimon Peres on the secret for a long life [IBA Radio, July 20 2005] — UPDATED

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  • November 16, 2009: The interview was given just before the Gaza withdrawal, when the country was in extreme turmoil. It was Peres’s birthday and the interviewer closed with a jocular “so what’s your secret?”. Instead of a short and lighthearted answer, the (then) Minister provided a long and rambling lifestyle prescription on a hard-news program on prime time. This kind of insular self-absorption may help put his latest condescension (noted here, here, here and here) in perspective.


Shimon PeresIBA Radio

Shimon Peres: The secret for a long life

“Ha-kol Diburim” [prime time news show], IBA Radio, July 20 2005


Shimon Peres: In my view, food. I’ll tell you exactly what I do every day. I get up in the morning, and the first thing I do is exercise five-to-ten minutes. I’ve been doing a few exercises for the last 40 years. That includes a few hundred jumps of different kinds. I bounce, jump. Forty years ago, I suffered from back pain. Since then, I’ve never known back pain. I also suffered from headaches, by the way. I stopped smoking, and I haven’t had headaches since. It’s, first of all, the simplest of things. Then, I eat breakfast, which is made up of a little fresh lemon, every morning. In my opinion, this has a big effect on a person’s digestion. Afterward, I eat fruit – an apple, peach or banana – no more. And I drink tea, usually weak tea, light tea, because dark tea, in my opinion, is harmful to many things, including your color. And I leave for work after reading the newspapers. Usually by 7:30 a.m., I’ve already eaten, had something to drink, exercised, anything you could ask for. I wake up at 5:30 a.m., and in the afternoon I eat again – chicken or fish with salad, a vegetable salad and a lettuce salad. If I’m very hungry, I eat another piece of fruit, perhaps watermelon, cantaloupe, or some other fruit. Then I go back to work. And I eat a very light supper, usually cottage cheese or whole wheat bread, or something else, and leben [slim yogurt]. And I also drink a glass of wine. I really like drinking a cup of wine or two per day. But, in my opinion, the essence of a person stems from his curiosity, from the meaning in what he does. You have to be a person who is always active. I always say, you are as large as the size of the interests you are serving. And you will be small if you serve only your own interests.


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