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Yediot: UN Official says “Israel is spying on the UN”

UN official: “Israel is spying on the UN”

Eldad Beck, Yediot, November 29 2009 [page 9]

BERLIN — Who placed eavesdropping devices in the UN’s conference rooms in Geneva? According to UN officials, the answer is clear: Israel.

In the course of repairs carried out by electricians in two conference rooms at the UN’s facility in Geneva, two eavesdropping devices were discovered. The rooms in which the devices were found are used primarily for deliberations by the United Nations Disarmament Committee.

The Swiss daily newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung reports that in addition to the commission’s deliberations, the rooms in which the devices were found, were also the location for secret meetings held in preparation for the 2003 Iraq War. The rooms were also used for hearings as part of the investigation into the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

The electricians who did the work located an electric cable that led them to the first eavesdropping device. The device was connected to an additional device that was located in an adjacent room. A security team, which was then secretly put together, located additional eavesdropping devices placed in various pieces of furniture in the conference room.

The Swiss newspaper quotes UN officials who claim that Israel is the one behind the devices. Security experts at the UN headquarters in Geneva predict that installing the devices took at least two days. Considering the fact that safety measures were put in place to prevent the recurrence of such events which had taken place in the past, it is believed the elements that installed the devices were assisted by workers in the facilities.

“The technical level of the equipment and the great risk taken indicates that the decision to install the devices was made by highest echelon,” an intelligence expert told the newspaper. The report states that seven countries have been mentioned as possibly being behind the operation: the United States, France, Britain, China, Russia, North Korea, and Israel. An intelligence official told to the paper: “If I had to wager my assets on which country did this — I would say Israel.” A European diplomat supported the allegation saying: “Time and again I was astonished by how good was the information possessed by the Israeli delegation.”

Israeli diplomatic sources denied any Israeli involvement in the event.

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