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Globes on the hypocrisy of right-wing “democrats”

Something is happening to Matti Golan, Globes’s grumpy daily columnist. The other day he blasted the settlers for cutting down Palestinian olive trees. This evening he aims his wrath on the right-wing “lawfare” groups petitioning the High Court of Justice (HCJ) to order government to publicize the names of the Palestinian prisoners slated to be exchanged for Gilad Schalit. He might as well have been talking about Gerald Steinberg, who has also recently discovered the convenience of “‘transparency” as cover for his government-sponsored campaign to suppress Israeli human rights groups.

Right-wing democrats

Excerpt from column, Matti Golan, Globes, November 30 2009

It’s a little ridiculous when radical right-wing groups go to the HCJ arguing for “public debate” based on the democratic principle of the “right to know.” If there is a public somewhat estranged from democracy it’s the fanatical right. They remember democracy, and speak in its name, only when it serves their purposes. In any other case they kick it, or at least stone it.

The truth is that they are simply against the [Schalit] deal and hope that “the public’s right to know,” which they don’t really respect, will help them. Its doubtful whether they will get any traction at the HCJ, because it is an institution that one has to approach in good faith.


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