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Document: Settlers prep to terrorize West Bank

UPDATED AT BOTTOM: December 7 2009 — A day late, Yediot puts two and two together

Since the announcement last week of the “settlement freeze,” Israel has witnessed an escalating settler rebellion. Most of the action has been civil disobedience, which I will not condemn as a matter of principle, despite the fact that its organizers’ salaries are largely paid from my taxes. But past experience and IDF warnings indicate that we can expect a surge in “price tag” attacks against Palestinians.

A news item in this morning’s (December 6 2009) Yediot surveys the mood among West bank settlers and ends with the following passage

“We’ll expel the soldiers from the settlements”

Zvi Zinger,Yediot, December 6 2009 [page 4]


The radical right is also adding oil to the fire. An article in its internet-distributed pamphlet “The Jewish Voice” includes a call to “execute targeted operations against the evildoers, invade Civil Administration offices and ransack them, as well as operate violently [sic] against the Palestinians, deepen the refusal to serve in the army and not recognize Israeli courts.”

The article was written by Rabbi Yosef Elitzur of the “Od Yosef Hai” yeshiva in Yitzhar.

Rabbi Yosef Elitzur and the Od Yosef Hai yeshiva have recently emerged from obscurity with the publication of the “Handbook for the killing of Gentiles” in early November. A few days later, Haaretz reported that the Yeshiva was generously funded by the Government of Israel.

Rabbi Elitzur

The excerpt looks like an editorial hatchet job. The style indicates a paraphrased summary, despite the double quotation marks. I want to read the original.

A colleague, always on top of everything going on in the right-wing blogosphere, sends it by e-mail. Nine pages of pep-talk, incitement to violence and organizational instructions.

Below is a translated excerpt from the Rabbi’s article (original document is here.) It’s a must read. Note the announcement of a revival meeting tonight at the Yeshiva with the notorious Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, and the pride expressed at their success in maintaining a de facto autonomy in Yitzhar. Probably not coincidentally, Police reported this morning that settlers had torched a house and two vehicles in the nearby village of Ain Abous. At this rate, that will be remembered as a very minor incident.

[Excerpt from “The Mutual Guarantee [Arvut Hadadit] Strategy”, by Rabbi Yosef Elitzur]


Liberation of the mind leads to liberation of action, and the more liberated the mind the greater reverberation small acts have and the greater their results (at a relatively low price). We offer a few possible courses of action:

“Mutual guarantee” [Arvut Hadadit] — acts of mutual guarantee coordinated between members of all the settlements take the air out of the government’s dreams. First of all we are all together and there is no “divide and conquer.” Second of all, we decide on the timing and don’t wait for a large police force and inspectors to bash us in the head and arrest and beat us. We have power too and we will use it at the time and place of our choice. Thirdly, we remember that the war is over Judaism, and the main enemies are the Gentiles in our country who are trying to conquer it and confusing the minds of crooked Jews who are far from the Torah. We do not discriminate: if the Jews don’t have quiet, the Arabs won’t have quiet. If the Arabs win because of violence against Jews, the Jews will win by violence against Arabs [emphasis mine]. Of course all of that leads to graceful activities with lots of joy: we can use the power of the women, children and older people to block a certain access road, and at the same time take firmer action against hostile elements further down the same road; we can carry out quiet and deep operations simultaneously with widespread acts of disorder in the sector, and so on.

Don’t forget that a multitude of such operations and warming up the public will put us in a state of high readiness. To this day administration inspectors have not managed to enter Yitzhar since the freeze decree. That is because the experience and the heat at Yitzhar make every entrance by hostile elements require large forces and end with much damage to IDF and police property, even more damage to Arab property and persons, and a sector burning on all sides for a few days [emphasis mine]. When in every settlement a police patrol car becomes an unwanted presence, and administration inspectors understand they have 10 minutes to run away before their tires are punctured, the government’s ability to enforce its decrees will drop sharply.


On the 19th day of Kislev [December 6], the day of redemption of the Old Master who withstood the denouncement and persecution of Jewish brothers, we will meet at the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva for a conference with our teacher Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg. Those who wish to be warmed and to meet many Jews from all walks of the Jewish public who are partners in strengthening Jews in the holy land are joyously welcome! [emphasis in original]

UPDATE: December 7 2009 — A day late, Yediot puts two and two together

Right wing activists suspected of torching Palestinian house

Zvi Singer and Yuval Karni, Yediot, December 7 2009 [page 4]

The police suspect that extreme right wing activists set fire early yesterday morning to a house and two cars belonging to Palestinians in the Einabus village near Nablus.

The homeowner told activists of the Yesh Din human rights organization that the incident took place at 3:00 AM.  He said that settlers torched his cars, his home and his tractor—and fled.  The Samaria and Judea District Police have launched an investigation.  The main possibility being examined, at the present stage, is that the arson was perpetrated as part of the “price tag” policy of right wing activists against the backdrop of the construction freeze orders.  Just this past weekend, Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, one of the rabbis of the Od Yosef Hai Yeshiva in Yitzhar, declared in an article that he wrote in the Jewish Voice, an extreme right wing publication: “If there is no quiet for the Jews—there will be no quiet for the Arabs; if the Arabs are winning because of violence towards Jews—the Jews will also win by violence towards Arabs.”

Yesh Din accused the army and police of “not preparing for reprisals, though it was clear that they would arrive, and enabling terror cells to roam freely.”


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