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A little skepticism exposes “The Israel Project”

Spencer Ackerman, a popular progressive blogger (Attackerman,) is also a leader of the Washington Independent’s revival of investigative journalism. Today (December 12 2009) he demonstrates what just a little skeptical inquiry can achieve with neoconservative advocacy operations that have become accustomed to modern, cut and paste, journalism.

One of these operations, The Israel Project, issued a press release on December 9, about a 90,000-signature petition demanding tough action on Iran it had sent to world leaders. The release included a link to the actual list of signatories delivered to, among others, the Pope. Ackerman decided to take a cursory look and found, besides 220 Vince Vinces from many different states, including nonexistent ones, that

Signatory number five is listed as Comfylovely ……. — and no, those aren’t ellipses I’ve placed in for dramatic effect; that’s Comfylovely’s listed last name — from the proud city of Davao in the historic state of XX.

That’s not even the most disturbing part of the signatories. The Israel Project lists the following as enthusiastic supporters of sanctioning Iran: Viagra Kaufen Viagra Kaufen, London, N.Y. (signatory #84,570); Porn Sex Video from London, N.Y. (signatory #62,751-62,756); Stupidwhiteman V, who declined to list an address (signatory #83,780); and Xbox 360 accessories — that’s a first and last name — from New York, N.Y. (signatory #90,046).

The Israel Project’s Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi was not very quick on her feet when Ackerman called to ask about her unusual constituents.

Well worth reading the whole thing here.

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