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Shabak unveils its response to settler terror: “warning talks” (law enforcement resources tied-up elsewhere)

This morning’s (December 13 2009) Haaretz (Hebrew edition only) runs a report by Amos Harel, which describes a new method the General Security Service (GSS) has found to crack down on settler attacks on Palestinians

Haaretz has learned that over the past three months five right-wing activists were summoned to warning talks [sic], where they were told by GSS men that they saw them as responsible for the ‘Price Tag‘ events.

Hopefully the GSS sees this a long-term law enforcement technique because, judging by this weekend’s pyrotechnics, it has yet bear fruit. The perpetrators themselves do not appear fazed. This Friday’s Jewish Voice, a weekly ‘Price Tag‘ organization leaflet (Hebrew original here,) has a monologue by one Efraim Ben Shohat describing his GSS interrogation. It ends with the following passage

But it turns out that even the General Security Service of the State of Israel, comprised of expert psychologists and the best and smartest professionals in the country cannot overcome a simple Jew who believes in blessed G-d!

In its report “A Semblance of Law,” Yesh Din describes in detail the systematic lack of law enforcement on violent settlers. One of its major recommendations is that the West Bank Police actually investigate attacks and that minimal resources be allocated for this purpose. Until that happens, “warning talks” and  hand-wringing will have to fill the gap.

Even at this juncture, it’s hard to demand diversion of law enforcement resources to the West Bank when they are stretched so thin in Jerusalem, for example. Just this Friday, dozens of officers were busy arresting 25 Israelis protesting against the Shiekh Jarah evictions who refused to disperse when ordered to.  Some of them were even forced to squirt pepper spray into the eyes of the dangerous Dr. Eyal Nir at point-blank range (video here.) Holding cells are also in short supply, full of menaces to society such as Vadim Antonevich, a documentary film-maker slapped with 25 days for walking his dog without a leash in the German Colony.

  1. Ellen Cantarow
    December 15, 2009 at 23:56

    The settlers have had license to settle, build, and expand, since 1967. Labor and Likud alike have coddled them. The US stands behind it all. What a surprise that an explicitly religious state, which in 1948 ethnically cleansed 3/4 million Arabs and destroyed between 400 and 500 of their villages, and which has been preaching expansion since Day One — a state that for 30 years has nurtured militant crusading Zionism — what a surprise that fascism runs rampant! No one should rub their eyes in surprise; there are many among us who warned all along that this would happen. Again, the US stands behind it all.

  1. December 14, 2009 at 11:06
  2. December 20, 2009 at 12:30

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