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What settler terrorists think about the Shin Bet, ctd.

Last week (December 13 2009) we wrote about the new General Security Service (GSS; aka Shin Bet and Shabak)  method to deal with settler ‘Price Tag‘ terrorists — “warning talks.” The post quoted a monologue by the subject of one of these talks, Efraim Ben Shohat, who was not fazed, to put it mildly.

Ben Shohat spoke to the Jewish Voice, a weekly ‘Price Tag‘ organization leaflet. The publication has turned these monologues into a regular feature. Here is this Friday’s edition (December 18 2009; Hebrew original here) toying with GSS agents trying to recruit an informant.

Several weeks ago, the Jewish Voice revealed the story of Shimshon Schlissel, a resident of the settlement of Maale Levona.  The Shin Bet contacted Shimshon trying to arrange a meeting with him, over a cup of coffee, of course…  Shimshon realized exactly what their intentions were and used the Jewish Voice platform to let them know he was not interested.  They, however, did not despair and kept trying.

Shimshon told us later:

I went shopping and suddenly the phone rang.  “Hello, this is Amram, Golan’s partner.  Remember?  Golan talked to you some two weeks ago and we agreed to meet, so I wanted to arrange the meeting.  What would be a good time for you?”

“Listen, I do not want to meet with you at all,” I told him.

There was silence on the other end of the line.  He must have been completely shocked.

Amram regained his senses: “Are you sure?  But we had an agreement?”

“Yes, I am sure!  I do not want to meet you.”

Amram sounded totally stunned.  Another sentence or two and he hung up.

Naturally, the Jewish Voice editorial board can only congratulate Shimshon for having learned the lesson of the (too) many stories and cut off this link.  Strong and blessed [is he].

A word from the editor: Seriously, you there in the Jewish Department [of the Shin Bet]: What is going on?  Do you not relay information from the readers of Jewish Voice to those who draft activists?  He has already said he does not want to go on.

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