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Debunking the Im Tirzu report part I: Keshev’s Yizhar Be’er

Yizhar Be’er is the Director of Keshev — The Center for Protection of Democracy in Israel. Below is a synopsis of a report he published today, which methodically analyzes and debunks the Im Tirzu “report” attacking the New Israel Fund. The full report in Hebrew can be downloaded here.

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“Im Tirtzu”: If you will it… or just full of it?

The “Im Tirtzu” movement has published a report on the involvement of organizations supported by the New Israel Fund in shaping the conclusions of the Goldstone Report, blaming them for causing serious damage to the state. Sources in the media and the Knesset have also blamed these organizations for harming the national interests of the State of Israel. Keshev analyses the report’s structural flaws and brings to light facts that the Israeli media did not relate about the identity and motives of its authors.

Im Tirzu demonstration outside Prof. Naomi Chazan's home

The Im Tirtzu movement has recently published a report attacking the New Israel Fund and organizations that it supports for their involvement in the report prepared by the Goldstone Commission, the commission appointed by the UN to investigate events in Operation Cast Lead. The report has gained widespread media exposure. Coverage of the report and interviews with its authors appeared in Ma’ariv, Channel 2, Channel 1, IDF Radio and Reshet Bet of the Voice of Israel. On the basis of this report, Im Tirtzu, which defines itself as a “centrist extra-parliamentary movement that strives to strengthen the values of Zionism in Israel”, has launched a public campaign against the New Israel Fund. Its activists, garbed in keffiyahs, have protested outside the home of former Knesset Member Naomi Chazan, President of the New Israel Fund. In the report itself and in media interviews, the movement’s leaders claim that the New Israel Fund is a fifth column that damages the security of the state.

A meticulous review of the Im Tirtzu report finds that it is tendentious, biased and rife with failings and distortions. The report analyses the sources of information in the Goldstone Report based on the footnotes that appear in it, while ignoring many other sources upon which it relies including government Ministers, generals, government institutions and major media outlets in Israel, including Ma’ariv. By the logic of the report, they too, should be blamed for “causing serious political harm to Israel and damaging the state’s military capability to defend itself during wartime”, and like the New Israel Fund, they too, should be considered “extremist leftists, anti-Zionists” (in the words of the report.)

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