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Administering corporal punishment to a young Popular Terrorist

At bottom is a set of photos is from page 8 of this morning’s (April 28 2010) Haaretz (Hebrew edition only; download as PDF here.) Caption reads:

Pepper spray into the eyes of the Palestinian protester, at point-blank range

A 15 year-old Palestinian was arrested yesterday by Border Policemen during a demonstration against construction of the separation fence near the village of Wallaje, and was sprayed with pepper gas at point blank range during the arrest. About 60 demonstrators protested against construction of the fence south of Jerusalem. According to one of them, at one point the teenager saw the the Border Policemen were documenting the event and panicked. “He jumped off the bulldozer, ran home and stumbled into a policeman by accident., He tried to continue running but the policemen jumped on him, beat him murderously and sprayed him with pepper gas, after they had got him under control. The Border Police responded: “The arrest was made after the suspect disturbed the peace, attacked the policemen and even resisted arrest. During the arrest, pepper spray was legally used. In any case, the photo will be transferred to the Police [internal] Investigations Department [at the Justice Ministry] through the [police] Public Appeals Officer for further examination. (Liel Kyzer)

The photo is not very ambiguous: Point blank range is certain and it would be hard to claim that the protester was not incapacitated when the spraying occurred. I would be more skeptical if this was an isolated incident. It is not.

As Emily Schaeffer pointed out yesterday, unnecessary use of force by Israeli security forces in suppressing unarmed protest is the norm. A recent Coteret post asserted that the new term “Popular Terror” was useful in creating the dehumanization necessary for Israelis to accept this phenomenon.

  1. shodedyam
    May 1, 2010 at 02:43

    If you’re appalled, than you haven’t been paying attention. This is what the army (and apparently by extension, the surrounding society) becomes when it’s main duty consists of the pacification of the territories sufficiently so as to build and secure such “neighborhoods” as Ariel, Ofra, Givat Zeev, Itamar, Kiryat Arba, etc, etc, and what inevitably has had to happen psychologically to the rank and file. And since we’re in the neighborhood, what kind of people do you think are produced when you expose them to the sort of systemic programming (high school trips to Auschwitz, Holocaust revenge fantasies, and transference techniques) that would be necessary in order to achieve the desired level of detachment in 18 and 19 year old recruits? If your going to allow fascists to roam the countyside like packs of feral dogs, murdering, stealing land, attacking and terrorizing old men, women, and children at will, if your going to allow pseudo-political constructs such as the “Yesha Council” to “legitimize” their activities while running interference for them within the political and social establishment, then I guess you’re going to need an army of programmed, callow, detached, post-adolescents to protect them while they’re doing it, won’t you?

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